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Keighley Photo Hub CIC is a not for profit social enterprise, founded in March 2021 by Lisa Holmes, promoting social inclusion, improved community cohesion, the wellbeing of local people and an increased understanding of our shared environment, through engagement with environmentally sustainable, photography-based creative projects available to all.

We are passionate about all things photography. Our aim is to provide access to photography facilities, workshops and training not only for current photographers and budding enthusiasts, but for everyone in the community.

We value analog photography just as much as digital, so have a fully equipped darkroom as well as the photo studio and computer training area.

We are passionate about the ability of photography to communicate with others, tell stories, express emotions and bridge divides. That is why we want everyone to be able to access and enjoy photography however they choose to.


Upcoming Photography Workshops

  • Anthotype Workshop
    Anthotype Workshop
    Time is TBD
    Keighley Photo Hub CIC
    Time is TBD
    Keighley Photo Hub CIC, 47 Low St, Airedale Centre, Keighley BD21 3PP, UK
    Learn all about the wonderful world of Anthotypes and how your garden can be your very own photography studio.
  • Pinhole Photography
    Pinhole Photography
    Time is TBD
    Airedale Centre
    Time is TBD
    Airedale Centre, 47 Low St, Airedale Centre, Keighley BD21 3PP, UK
    Learn to make your own pinhole camera and create unique photographic images.
  • Cyanotype Workshop
    Cyanotype Workshop
    Time is TBD
    Airedale Centre
    Time is TBD
    Airedale Centre, 47 Low St, Airedale Centre, Keighley BD21 3PP, UK
    Learn to create beautiful cyanotypes and explore different materials to print them on.
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"Keighley Photo Hub ran two fantastic workshops for our adult wellbeing group. They were both really well received and lovely sessions. We enjoyed looking at nature closely and capturing images using mobile phone cameras and also printing images of nature using sunlight and light sensitive paper. Lisa is friendly, engaging and runs fantastic photography workshops, which I would highly recommend"

Julia Babbitt, Programme Coordinator, Get Out More CIC



Photography based projects are a fundamental part of what we do here at Keighley Photo Hub.

We aim to create, run and host a full range of free photography based projects that reach out to all parts of our community to enable everyone to engage with photography and the arts.

Aside from running our own projects, if you are a local community group and have an idea for a photography based project but don't know how to set it up, please get in touch and let us help to bring your idea to life.


The Photosynthasis Project which was created with the support of Cliffe Castle Park. It aim was to highlighting the regions rich photographic history, through the rediscover of an ancient environmentally friendly process that is both an accessible route into photography and urgently relevant today as society looks for ways to become more sustainable.


During the project we worked with 85 local people in the community to explore the historic photographic practice of anthotypes, an environmentally friendly way to produce images using just plant juice and sunlight. Through creating the anthotypes the participants had a chance to create an artwork that celebrates their identity while exploring a more sustainable approach to photography. All 115 images then went on display in the ground of Cliffe Castle Park in a wonderful light show.


In 2022 we were delighted to be awarded Arts Council England funding to support a year long research and development project into creating the first Eco Darkroom.

This project will look at addressing the wider climate crisis while creating a pioneering

environmentally friendly darkroom for artists in our region, A space that we can use to not only engage a new wave sustainable photographers but also help educate around the topic of making art more eco friendly.

We are delighted to have this project supported by not only by ACE North but also The Impressions Gallery in Bradford, who we will be working with  in 2023 to host an inaugural networking event with the aim of creating a sustainable photo-arts network.


Photo Club is a project ran in partnership with Keighley Healthy Living. 

Ran in 6 weeks blocks Photo Club is a free, fun and friendly, photography group for people of all ages and abilities.  Whether they are simply looking to take better pictures on their mobile phone, improve their current photography skills or just get out and meet people.


Photo Club's  aims is to improve the wellbeing of participants through providing them with the skills and opportunity to express themselves in a safe and welcoming environment.



In 2021 we were delighted to run this project with the support of  Keighley Creative and The Leap. It was an exciting opportunity will bring women and girls of Keighley together to talk about what being creative means to them and what new activities they’d like to see happening on their doorstep, through a series of portrait workshops.

The project received widespread praise, being featured on BBC radio and ITV news. 


Vaccination Stories is an ongoing project working alongside Modality and local community centres and Mosques to capture the stories of the people behind the highly successful vaccination roll out in our area. 

This project tells the moving and heartwarming stories of medical staff, both past and present, who came together alongside an army of volunteers to provide the vital Covid-19 vaccination centres our community needed. 

We are currently looking to secure funding to turn these images and stories into a book and exhibition, to shine a spotlight on the increadable solidarity that was shown by the community in the Bradford Area in the face of a national crisis.


We are very proud to be part of the 2020 Vision Project. The nationwide photography project is a collaboration of UK based portrait photographers who will be creating a tribute of our healthcare workers showing the people behind the mask reflecting their dedication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

With exhibitions already in London and at the national NHS Conference this project is certainly one to watch!

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